Youth Engagement Summit 2017

YES17 saw over 100 Organisations from across Australia come together with the intention to better understand how to engage with young people; to learn the most effective and up to date techniques to get in front, and engage with the Australian Youth. Overnight Evolution, the theme for the 2017 event, stemmed from the success of the previous Youth Engagement Summit and how rapidly content is changing through the use of ever-changing technology and the ideologies of staying relevant in the 21st Century. The event spoke to attendees through different presenters, housing their information platform and how they have actually seen youth engagement change the way in which we interact with the youth market. Speaking to attendees about understanding the mindset and psychology of young people today and the impact of Youth disengagement on companies. That there are correlations between Youth disengagement and mental health issues, and what can be done to assist youth who are battling mental health. The day outlined a step by step guide on the hacks used to ensure the most effective and up to date Youth Engagement Strategies and the latest on social media trends and engagement practices. Taking a different approach on theming, the event was held at Ovolo, Woolloomooloo, Sydney, NSW, and was a great representation of how evolution within construction is also a prominent feature we take for granted. The day also saw presentations by;
  • Jordan Phipps
    • Commercial Director of Year13
  • Blake Shipley
    • Senior Account Executive for Year13
  • Oli Moore
    • Facebook
  • Jane Burns and Louise Halliwell
    • InnoWell and PwC
  • William Stubley
    • Strategy Director of Year13
  • Ruby Bisson
    • Marketing Manager for Year13
  • Ash Gray
    • Westpac