Youth Engagement Summit 2016

Year13 and YouthSense’s primary skill is recognised in our ability to create awareness, communicate and engage with our youth audience. In 2016, Year13 and YouthSense brought forth its first Youth Engagement Summit; YES16, which focused on providing the tools and resources to the VET, Tertiary Education, Career Advice, Employment and Government sectors that are needed when engaging with young people. As a result Year13 and YouthSense’s work with clients in these industries facilitated in providing a common language, approach and tools that can be used to better engage, therefore delivering a better tomorrow for Australia’s youth. The day was largely successful for both Year13 and YouthSense but also for all those who attended the day. Held at the Australian Technology Park – Bay 6 – Eveleigh, Sydney, NSW, was a prodigious event space, that was reflective of Year13 and YouthSense’s brand as the venue is highly focused on employment, industry training and career advice. The day also saw phenomenal presentations by;
  • Ryan Trainor
    • Founder Republica Education: Why the Education scope and structure in Australia needs to change.
  • Paul Ryan
    • Cofounder Wizard Home loans, Echofied: How to overcome the barriers of entry with a youth audience.
  • Saxon Phipps
    • CEO of Year13: Snapshot of what it looks like to be 16 – 24 in the digital age.
  • Tom Roach
    • MediaVest: Research, findings and social media trends and how to navigate through these.
  • Blake Shipley
    • Year13: How to communicate, resonate and engage with young Australians.
  • Ed Badawi
    • Founder SalesInc: Impact of disengagement amongst young Australians in low socioeconomic areas.